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* About Brains Valley IT

The progress of the world today stands on technical progress, and the digital revolution that since it began to develop never stopped, but the need for it increases as we progress day after day, and in Saudi Arabia efforts began to strengthen the electronic means of government services early, and in response to this change that began in the Kingdom in particular, and in the whole world, and witnessed at the beginning challenges – and still – the company (Brains Valley) was founded valley of minds in 2015, specialized in software and information technology, to offer its innovative solutions in business services.

* Space that enables creativity

With Saudi expertise, aware of the challenges, and innovates to find the right solutions for them in harmony with our culture and daily uses, Valley of Brains provides space for minds that come together to innovate, and help companies and entrepreneurs in various fields by providing technical solutions, electronic services, to build the idea on several ideas, and become a reality that will contribute to building a promising national economy.

In the Valley of Brains, we believe that the challenge is a great opportunity, and that the technical solutions that are growing day after day will adapt the future to keep pace with our ambitions.

Unique experience:

Deliver unique and enjoyable experiences to users through a strategy based on creativity and innovation, formulated with unique expertise and competencies.

Customer satisfaction:

Enhance the customer's journey from the beginning of cooperation to the development of services, making customer satisfaction at the heart of the journey.

Flexibility and confidence:

Build a relationship with the client based on trust and openness, listen to ideas and suggestions, and respond quickly to them.

Under the vision of the Kingdom 2030, which has made digital transformation its first goal, and strengthened its efforts to achieve it day after day since its launch, and with qualified national competencies and distinguished by many disciplines, we believe in brains Valley that digital fields are the future, and that we must contribute to the future industry with its various projects by following our passion, promoting creativity and innovation, providing digital solutions that will turn the idea into reality, and find for one problem several solutions that enhance the satisfaction of our customer, and in return earn it satisfaction of his clients.

Today at Brains Valley, The Valley of Minds. Minds come together to innovate, to make a difference in the future, ahead of its solutions and technology, deriving their eagerness to support and guide leaders who have never known the impossible.

Our services and solutions are ridiculous because your project starts from the point of view and idea, to the spaciousness of the experience at all stages.

Eng. Mohammed Al Muhalki
Chief Executive Officer

and awards

Quality Certificate in Information Security

Quality Certificate in Quality Management


In Brains Valley, minds gathered to innovate from the core of local culture, following their passion for many knowledge, and experiences that come from multiple disciplines, knowledge of the government, private and charitable sectors, and in the entrepreneurship sector, and in a space that promotes innovation and creativity, Brains Valley cadres extend their hand to all customers, paving the way for the idea to become an integrated project, starting from listening and developing, overcoming obstacles, filling the need for creative solutions, and innovation that contributes to building the project to ensure customer satisfaction and achieving its goal.

Eng. Mohammed Al-Muhalki Chief Executive Officer
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Abdullah Almutairi Chief Technology Officer - CTO
Ayman AlDarwish Digital Transformation Department
Chief Executive Officer M. Mohammed Ayyad Al-Muhalki
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Technical Director Abdullah al, Mutairi
Digital Transformation Department Ayman Al , Darwish
Quality Supervisor Thikra Bawazir
Walaa Ghasib Marketing and Sales
Thekra Bawazir Quality Supervisor
Adel Saed Director of Creativity and Development

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