Recruit the right workers easily.

Project details

Amaalah Platform

It is a platform that links between job-seeking groups and the parties that attract workers of all kinds.
Amaalah platform aims to provide the best service to the customer by browsing the CVs on the platform and completing the recruitment process easily.


When designing a logo for a technical project
we are keen to showcase the project idea in a beautiful way ,
highlighting the professionalism of the institution through the most important details, which is the identity.

Logo Philosophy

When drawing and designing Amaalah logo, we combined these three basic pillars of the eye letter in English and Arabic and the user icon in one logo to form the logo in this way.

Design the platform

To ensure the best user experience, we started by sketching the requirement for the design. After that we drew the Wireframe prototypes, the basic elements of the project were designed and distributed in line with the project characteristics, taking into account the best rules for the user experience.

Visual design

Then we worked on improving the prototype to reach the final design,
by adding the character and colors of the platform to be ready to launch the project after trying it repeatedly and developing it, to reach the end to ..

This is the story of a project

Amaalah Platform

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