Application development and design

We are working to turn your ideas into a concrete technical project.

Focusing on a seamless user experience for those who use both Android and iPhone (Mobiles, Tablet, iPad), in accordance with the design standards issued by each company, we are developing applications that will make it easier for you to expand in the future as new updates keep pace.

What are the steps to create an electronic app?

Project study

Any application needs to set the objectives of the project, and our team collects and analyzes the requirements of the project. This helps us gain a clear understanding of future work and consider all possible events to map the project management.

Set the priority of properties

We help the customer get a better view of his future project. By studying and analyzing the project characteristics that users are interested in and meeting their needs.

Interface design and user experience

In interface design and user experience, we create graphics and build low- and high-resolution prototypes of the customer's journey as the application with interactive designs. To reach the final design that includes the characteristics agreed in the previous stages.

Development and programming

We've divided the development process into fast racing – it allows us to provide intermediate designs to the customer, thus keeping them in the loop. We use TestFlight and Google Play trial versions, making it possible to test a product on real devices.

Quality assurance test

We use the quality control and management system to deliver high quality products, covering a wide range of conditions and scenarios, so the customer can make sure that the product will not be out of control.

Launch and technical support

We ensure that the mobile apps we work on are accepted and published in the App Store and Google Play. To make sure all errors are fixed and that the product is working steadily, we provide support after launch and future expansion.

Our work

تطبيق مايند
تطبيق مايند يقدم لك الاستشارت النفسية بخصوصية تامة ويساعدك في تشخيص الحالات من قبل الاستشاريين ويقدم العديد من المزايا في مجال الصحة النفسية.
تطبيق نزل
تطبيق نزل يوفر خدمة تأجير النزل ، اذا كان لديك نزل خاص او تجاري وترغب في تأجيره ، تطبيق نزل يسهل عليك إيجاد المستأجرين. يمكنك الان تحديد اسعار النزل الخاص بك في الأيام العادية وفي أيام المواسم.
تطبيق الحارس القانوني
إيراد شركة استثمارية في مجال الانشطة التجارية والصناعية تعمل مع عدة شركاء على تأسيس المصانع وتطويرها و للاستحواذ على المصانع التى تتوافق مع طموحاتهم.
تطبيق الرابح
صُمم تطبيق الرابح للسياحة لمساعدة المستخدم في الحصول على خدمات حجز الشاليهات ، الفنادق ، استراحات, حجز سيارات للإيجار, حجز تنظيم الحفلات ,حجز رحلات.
تطبيق محطة العمل
تطبيق محطة العمل يساعدك لايجاد مقدم الخدمة المناسب لاحتياجاتك يوجد العديد من الخدمات التي تساعدك في حياتك اليومية مثل الصيانة ، التصوير ، تنظيم الحفلات والكثير من الخدمات المتنوعة . يمكنك الان ارسال طلبك وتلقي العروض في تطبيق محطة العمل !
تطبيق مرسال
تطبيق مرسال لتوصيل الحيوانات يساعدك في توصيل الحيوان من مكان الى مكان اخر.
تطبيق ببلز
ببلز تطبيق تواصل اجتماعي يتيح لك التواصل مع اصحابك وتابع اخر اخبارهم وتفاعل معهم من خلال – خيارات متعدده للمنشورات صور , نص و فيديو
تطبيق في الخدمة
تطبيق بدل

Your project trip

Project study

Determine the scope of the work and apply the search strategy that suits your technical project.

Requirements analysis

Analyze research results and draw your client's personality to be close to your target group at the design stage.


The project is designed to suit your target group, required characteristics and best practices.


The quality test is launched and delivered with a full control panel.

Why choose us?

Because we're keeping up with the latest technology.

We at Brains Valley harness our experience to achieve your goals of gaining the trust and satisfaction of your customers by designing exceptional interfaces and customer experience as we take into account statistics and strive to avoid customer loss problems because we work for your target group specifically because we care about the finer details from color selection to project delivery.

What distinguishes us?


We are keen with our customers to commit to the time of the project.


We are keep with our customers to commit to the time of the project.

Project quality

The project goes through the testing and quality stages before launch.

The specificity of your project

The privacy of your project and your data is one of our priorities.

Customer Service

The satisfaction of our customers is of interest to us at all stages of the project.

Competitive power

We work closely with our customers to create specialized technical solutions that meet the needs of their projects.

You have a technical project?

Send us your idea to start your story.

You will get technical solutions from a professional and experienced team. We use the latest technical capabilities to achieve them in your business.

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