Badal App

Replace everything easily

Project details

  • Project Type: App for smart phones
  • Project Category : Sharing economy, commercial
  • Language : Arabic

Badal App

It is an application that users can publish their products and services,
to exchange them between each other.
Instead of paying for purchases,
you can exchange your products for other  products or services.


We care to reflect the idea of ​​the application on the logo

the arrows denote the process of the exchanging goods between parties

To ensure the best user experience, we started by sketching the requirement for the design.
After that we drew the Wireframe prototypes, the basic elements of the project were designed and distributed in line with the project characteristics, taking into account the best rules for the user experience

Minimal iOS App Presentation Ready

we add the brand identity to be ready for launching the project After passing the test stage

The project was launched on the platform

This is the story of

Badal App

Let the next story be yours..