One of the advantages of e-marketing is that it does not require complexities, cheaper costs, faster visibility for target customers and more effective for the target group, and finally it is more flexible as it provides you with tools to measure accurate information about your marketing efforts to determine the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.

Why is it important for employers or entrepreneurs?

  1. Because it’s the perfect way for potential customers.
  2. Competitors use e-marketing as an opportunity and a competitive advantage and must be exploited to reach customers
  3. Customers assume that everything they want online is that when they want a product or service they will look for it online, so the employer or service must be online.
  4. Marketing helps create a new market and get more customers
  5. It is an effective way to communicate directly with the customer through the tools it provides and you can also get new ideas and suggestions about your product or service.
  6. Provides data-generated features and information available from each Internet user where the right customer can be reached in a timely manner.
  7. Provides highly accurate analytical data through digital analytical tools and can obtain information and data to improve the product or service.
  8. What are the elements underlying marketing and what are the marketing channels?

First, the elements govern the marketing process and the marketing is based on:

  1. Data is the key element from which the marketing campaign begins.
  2. Plans are important in everything, especially in the field of business to determine budget, marketing channels and distribution of tasks … etc.
  3. Tools have a major role to play in the success of the marketing campaign.
  4. Skills that make the difference between a traditional marketer and a professional marketer and achieve exceptional results, the most important of which are (creativity, innovation, lower cost results, building good relationships that help create a collaborative work environment).

Secondly marketing channels, marketing depends on several channels and the channels are characterized by the linked:

  1. Commission marketing.
  2. Marketing through paid ads.
  3. Marketing by mail and communication sites.
  4. Marketing by search engines.
  5. Content marketing.

Finally, one of the most important factors in the success of e-marketing is:

  • The quality of the product, service or marketed content.
  • Keeping up with the constant development of e-marketing processes.
  • Continuous analysis of results for continued success.
  • Always take care of the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Taking advantage of opportunities in situations and events
  • Creativity, innovation and development of marketing assets, namely, communication sites and websites.

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