Mobile app design: Everything you need to know about app design

How is a mobile app designed?

In our time, you cannot enumerate the manifestations of technological development that has dominated human life. Mobile applications have become one of the most important and most important of these manifestations.

These applications have many uses in many areas of life. There are those who use it in business development, there are those who use it in personal life, and many other uses that make mobile applications so important.

This is what prompted many to think of designing their own mobile application to achieve the desired benefit from it. You must think like them. But do not worry! In this article, we will discuss the correct ways to design an integrated mobile application. Follow us!

Step #1: Choose an idea for your mobile app

The first step in the way of designing a mobile application is the idea. The application that you want to design did not come out of nowhere, but rather came after an idea that came to your mind and wanted to turn it into reality.

Make sure that the idea of ​​the application comes from your personal imprint, meaning stay away from imitating the ideas of others and create something new out of the box.

And if an idea doesn’t cross your mind, take a pre-existing one and improve it so that it feels like your own. Take your time to craft your own idea.

If you intend to design an application to grow your business, then this idea is the main pillar that will make your project unique.


Step #2: Designing databases and backends

After getting the right idea for your application, you should know if your application needs databases to store files.

Of course, if he does not need it, you can ignore this paragraph and go to the third step. If he needs it, you’ll need to learn a few things about databases and Query as well.

Make sure to learn these things well about databases, because your application must be designed in a complete and error-free manner.

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Step #3: Learn the necessary programming languages

After learning about database issues, it’s time to get into the heart of electronic application design which is the programming languages ​​required to build your application. They are the basic building blocks for your application’s structure.

With regard to the application system, we will differentiate between two types of applications, namely Android applications and iPhone applications. This means that the languages ​​will be different. But if you search at length, you will find that there is a language in which you can design both types and it is Java.

And if you want to design each type of application in its own languages, you can adopt Kotlin language in designing Android applications, and Swift language in designing iPhone applications. With some basic side languages ​​like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Step #4: Beautifully Design Your App

We will now move on to an important step, which is taking into account what is related to the design of the user experience, as the human being is governed by behaviors and ideas that are easy to anticipate, and therefore the user must have an application that is compatible with his requirements and needs. Certainly, this will only be done after conducting analyzes and studies on these users.

Try to design your electronic application elegantly and keep the colors consistent in a way that satisfies the user. And do not forget that the tight organization of the contents of the application is very important.

Put yourself in that user’s shoes and think about what will make your app stand out from the others. Creativity and out-of-the-box ideas should always be with you if you want to have an exceptional mobile app.

Step 5: Try Your Mobile App

Now you’ve finished designing your own app, congratulations! But don’t rush and publish the app, try it out first and see if there are bugs or things to fix. Never compromise on the quality of the application and make sure to leave a good first impression on users.

After making sure that the application is free of all forms of errors, there is only one thing left, which is to publish the application on the Google Play Store with accurate information about the application. This is so that the user can understand the meaning of the application optimally.

Step 6: Promote and market the app

And now with the last step in the steps of designing a mobile application, which is the process of marketing your mobile application. It is natural that no one knows anything about your application yet, and herein lies the importance of marketing; As it will enable you to deliver your application to the largest number of users. Among these users you will be able to find your target group.

Try to prepare your own marketing plan, and take advantage of social networking sites to publish your application, whether free or paid. You can also hire an online marketer to promote your app or rely on SEO for marketing.

The best way to design an integrated mobile app

It looks like you liked the previous steps almost all right? So wouldn’t it be great to have a software company that allows you to have a complete online application with all the features mentioned earlier? Surely that would be great!

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Why would you choose Brains Valley Company?

Brains Valley company harnesses all its expertise to achieve your goals of gaining the trust and satisfaction of your customers by designing highly exceptional interfaces and customer experience.

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What does Brains Valley Company offer?

  • Project study
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  • Development and programming
  • Quality Assurance Test
  • Launch and technical support
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