My Store

My Store for E commerce Market

What is My Store?

My store is an online store that have been designed to meet the needs of our customers and to reach your goals with the best user experience. Brains Valley’s team cares about your project starting with designing the identity to be launched in the app store and providing technical support.

My store App consists of :

Client's App

Driver's App

Dashboard App

Why E-commerce Is Important?

E-commerce has become one of the bases of businesses to grow and spread because it helps the business to:

Increases Sales

Customer Reach

Track Target Customers

Manage Project Easily

Client's App

The most important features in MySore are

Driver's App

It eases the ordering process from your store. Once the order is being placed by the customer, the driver receives it and therefore deliver it.


Is an integrated control panel that enables you track the performance indicators and inventory management
Dashboard features

Your Store is Ready

Your Store is Ready

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