We work to provide the best technical services to our customers

Digital Transformation

the technical
transformation is the key factor to success
nowadays. By being the starting point in increasing
the work quality and decreasing the costs. We work
in analyzing the requirements to the companies and
give the best ERP solutions:

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications become the window to new business.
Since transforming ideas into applications is an art
that not everyone can master, we in Brains Valley, redesign the ideas to suit
the market, and guarantee a distinct customer

Payment Solutions

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
seeks to develop digital payment systems and
reduce the use of cash payments. We provide a
linkage service with modern payment
technologies so that you can track payments and
analyze payment flow to your wallet.
Payment Gateway (Visa – Master Card –
Apple Pay – Apple Pay

Project testing and improvement

we have multidisciplinary team to identify and execute
innovative, reliable digital experiences. The presence of a third party to test technical projects gives credibility and impartiality in obtaining the quality of the outputs of your technical project. At Brains Valley , we perform various tests that identify improvement points that increase the strength of the project and obtain exceptional customer experiences. To enable brands to connect deeply with users. We apply methodologies including benchmarking, journey mapping and usability testing to gain important insights for exceptional customer experiences. From concept to actualization, our streamlined process provides tailored solutions through unique web experiences that empower brands to evolve.

UX/UI design

Transformational user
experiences and user interface that extend
across a brand’s entire digital ecosystem

Big Data Analysis

Data management is the next economic revolution. By analyzing big data, you can learn about user behavior and learn new ways to increase your chance of success. It also includes building an interactive Dashboard that gives leaders a clear view of the workflow.

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