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Suhail app

The Suhail app is designed to help the user obtain legal advice from trusted and licensed lawyers through visual consultations.

0.1 Define and discovery

To smoothly design a good user experience in getting advice and booking appointments, the project goes through different stages. It starts from identifying project requirements, analyzing the project, and conducting research on users through the questionnaires assigned to the project

0.2 Ideation

Through the previous research outputs, we get to know the users and their way of thinking and their needs to be reflected in the application. Then we diagram the product design process, to reflect users' desires on the initial design to be tested on the same category. Then the transition to the initial design in which the structure of the interfaces is planned so that we focus on prioritizing the available content and functions.

0.3 Visual design

We continue to develop destinations and improve the user experience until we reach the visual design that reflects the identity of the application Through visual design principles that influence user experience:

-Visual Hierarchy
-Balance of the elements
- Contrast between elements
- The overall shape

0.4 Programming and development

The programming team is interested in implementing the application for IOS and Android operating systems and testing the application before launching it in electronic stores

0.5 Launch the project

We are all proud to launch the project on App stores

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Suhail app

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