Website design: Your guide to designing your own website

What are the steps of designing a website?

With the qualitative boom witnessed at the present time, many websites have appeared in the Internet arena; Each site has its own specialty. Perhaps owning a website now is one of the most prominent ways of passive income from which many earn a decent income. This explains the great demand for people to design their own websites.

You may also now think of designing your own website, right? do not worry! We have everything you need to know in this article; Where we will discuss the most important steps that you must follow in designing your website. Follow us!

Step #1: Choose a domain name for your website

The first step in designing a website is choosing a domain name for your website. It is not possible to imagine the site without a name, and the good choice of this name reflects positively on your site.

There are many packages with many hosting companies that give you options for naming one of these domains (com, org, net, blog). Where all you have to do is choose the appropriate domain for your site according to its niche.

Step #2: Adopt a suitable hosting for your site

The second step to designing your website is to adopt hosting by choosing one of the famous hosting companies, reading the advantages of hosting it, and trying to balance your needs with the features of that hosting.

Hosting is like a safe, in which all files of the site are stored. Also, your best option is paid hosting, as there are no longer any websites that support free hosting because of the many security holes in it. This is certainly in order to preserve the security and integrity of your site from hacking.

Step 3: Beautifully design a website

The effectiveness of your website depends mainly on how well it convinces the user to access it. One of the manifestations of this effectiveness is the elegant design of the site, and an inconsistent site can never attract the attention of visitors! Rather, it will save them from it.

Focus on the consistency of the colors of your site and try to coordinate it well, this is the secret to designing attractive and excellent websites. Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and deduce what will grab your attention, and from there start improving the appearance of your site according to the visitor’s perceptions. Thus, your site will be ready to appear in the Internet arena.

Step #4: Secure your website

And we come to the most important step in the journey of programming a website, which is to ensure the development of the level of protection and security on your site. The site will certainly not reach your expectations if it does not have enough protection and security to deter all kinds of deadly cyber attacks.

This security issue is primarily related to the hosting of the site, as it is the place where the files of the site are stored, so it is only natural that it is the thing that requires a high degree of protection. This is something you can be sure of by checking the level of protection at the hosting company that you contract with.

And do not forget that you have to make sure that this company has in its package an SSL certificate that encrypts the communications on your site. If not, you can buy them afterwards, because these certificates are one of the mainstays of your website’s security.

Step 5: Ensure compliance with the standards for improving the user experience

Now that you’ve completed all the previous steps, another important step is making sure your site meets the User Experience Improvement Standards.

There are several points that you need to make sure that your site agrees with. Without compatibility with the user experience, there is no hope for your site to develop and progress.

Among the most important of these points is the compatibility of the site with smart mobile devices, where you have to check the way the website is displayed on those devices and make sure that you do not encounter problems while browsing.

Also, do not forget to provide content to different groups of people, such as people with special needs and people with a disability. This is done by adding pictures with explanatory titles, attaching educational videos, and more.

Step 6: Promote Your Website

Now that we have finished all the previous steps related to designing a website, now comes a very important step which is promoting or marketing your website.

It is imperative that you develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your site so that you can reach a certain amount of visitors. This helps in growing conversion rates and reaching the target group by more.


The best way to design an integrated website

It looks like you liked the previous steps almost all right? So wouldn’t it be great to have a web design company that allows you to have a complete website with all the features mentioned above? Surely that would be great!

Now with Brains Valley, one of the best web design companies, you can finally design your own website with peace of mind!

But you may wonder and say why would I choose Brains Valley? The answer is simple! Which will come in the next paragraph.

Why would you choose Brains Valley?

Brains Valley harnesses all its expertise to achieve your goals of gaining the trust and satisfaction of your customers by designing highly exceptional interfaces and customer experience.

It also takes into account accurate statistics and seeks to avoid the problems of losing customers because it works for your target group specifically. She also pays attention to the smallest details, from the selection of colors to the delivery of the project.

What does Brains Valley offer?

  • Reservation and hosting for a year
  • Design compatible with smart devices
  • Add instant chat feature
  • Linking with conversations via the WhatsApp application
  • The ability to support multiple languages on your website
  • Create an email for your project
  • A control panel for the content of the site with the ability to add and modify
  • Connect social media accounts with your website
  • Optimizing keywords to appear effectively in search results
  • Looks like you’ve finally been convinced that Brains Valley is the best option for you!

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We always love to come up with new success stories

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