Creating and developing websites

We are working to turn your ideas into a concrete technical project.

By actively being on the Internet, Brains Valley offers you the service of creating an online website for your technical project with an easy user experience that suits your target audience and achieves your goals.

What do we offer in the website development service?

Booking and hosting

Book domain and host your site for one year.

Compatible design

Book domain and host your site for one year.

Instant chat

Add instant chat or link with conversations via whatsapp.

Language support

The possibility of supporting multiple languages on the induction site.


Create a private email in the name of your project.

Control panel

A control panel for the content of the site with the possibility of adding and editing.

Communication accounts

You can link social media accounts to your website.

Improved visibility

You can link social media accounts to your website.

Features of introductory sites

Access and targeting

Being on the internet helps you reach your target group.

Increased sales

It provides information about your project that attracts customers, makes you easily accessible directly and increases your sales.

Our Portfolio

مساكن العربية
صُمم الموقع التعريفي لـ مساكن بتصميم متوافق مع الاجهزة الذكية.
تصميم وتطوير المواقع الالكترونية تربط منصة همة بين المستثمرين ورواد الاعمال.
إيراد شركة استثمارية في مجال الانشطة التجارية والصناعية تعمل مع عدة شركاء على تأسيس المصانع وتطويرها و للاستحواذ على المصانع التى تتوافق مع طموحاتهم.
تجربة CX
صُمم الموقع التعريفي لـ شركة تجربة لخدمات الاعمال لابراز خدمات الشركة بتصميم متوافق مع الاجهزة الذكية.
موقع الكتروني PBS
شركة الاحتراف المهني لحلول الاعمال هي شركة سعودية استشارية رائدة تعمل لقطاعات متعددة مثل القطاع الحكومي والشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة والخدمات الاستثمارية.
كناز لتأجير السيارات
مؤسسة كناز لتأجير السيارات تقديم أفضل الخدمات بصورة فعالة وبطرق مبتكرة وخلاقة وابداعية وتنافسية في مجال تاجير السيارات.

Your project trip

Project study

Determine the scope of the work and apply the search strategy that suits your technical project.

Requirements analysis

Analyze research results and draw your client's personality to be close to your target group at the design stage.


The project is designed to suit your target group, required characteristics and best practices.


The quality test is launched and delivered with a full control panel.

Why choose us?

Because we're keeping up with the latest technology.

We at Brains Valley harness our experience to achieve your goals of gaining the trust and satisfaction of your customers by designing exceptional interfaces and customer experience as we take into account statistics and strive to avoid customer loss problems because we work for your target group specifically because we care about the finer details from color selection to project delivery.

What distinguishes us?


We are keen with our customers to commit to the time of the project.


We are keep with our customers to commit to the time of the project.

Project quality

The project goes through the testing and quality stages before launch.

The specificity of your project

The privacy of your project and your data is one of our priorities.

Customer Service

The satisfaction of our customers is of interest to us at all stages of the project.

Competitive power

We work closely with our customers to create specialized technical solutions that meet the needs of their projects.

You have a technical project?

Send us your idea to start your story.

You will get technical solutions from a professional and experienced team. We use the latest technical capabilities to achieve them in your business.

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